New single incl. Kaskade remix OUT NOW

Over a year has gone by since the last single, the 2014 smash ”Under The Stars” a collaboration with multiply Grammy award nominee Kaskade. "Stepping out, to get perspective. Is the best decision I ever made, he explains. 

”Music was becoming and still are just a factory line, efficiently killing its soul with formatted / over exposed and underproduced records. Very few or none at all had the courage to just say no. I strongly believe that the audience, is ready for something new. 

They wanna hear music that makes them feel something and thats the music I want to play and produce. I guess.. I needed to step back to feel something and fall in love with music as an art form again” 

The Kaskade remix will be out via Arkade Friday.20th November 2015. 

Its so good to be back, it was worth the wait..

Much love / Thomas